Good morning cutie pies,  well yesterday was another busy but enjoyable day for your Mistress Gabriella yesterday as I was back in The Leeds Chamber’s Of Deprivation again with Slave B, it has been a while since our last session so naturally been the affectionate Mistress that I am I couldn’t wait to show just…



Good morning BDSM and fetish worshippers everywhere, and what an awesome day your Mistress Gabriella had at The Leeds Chamber’s Of Deprivation yesterday,  as you all know Slave S was at my feet and very eager to please,  but I won’t say too much because you can all read it for yourselves as soon as…


One poly Mistress….

Goodmorning kinksters,  I do apologise for my absence but unfortunately your Leeds Mistress Gabriella has been poly with tonsillitis but thankfully to some good antibiotics I’m on the mend,  so I am happy to say I will be available and taking bookings for the rest of the week apart from Sunday where excitedly I will…


party Time….

Good morning boy’s and girls, well what can I say what a night it was on Thursday night in The Leeds Chamber’s Of Deprivation, Mistress Davina Through Martina a birthday party and what fun and games me and all the other Mistress’s had (smile…) the Mistress’s in attendance were of the course Mistress Davina, Mistress…


Better late than never

I  visited the beautiful Mistress Gabriella in 25.02.14.

Mistress is all beautiful, sensual, with a devilish streak. I was strapped up and the tourment began. The hour soon passed, but what a great hour it was.

My nipples ached for 4 days, what a reminder.

I will certainly visit again if Mistress permits.

Slave steven.

Review by Slave S

This was my second visit to Mistress Gabriella and after treating me to some nipple and cock and ball torture she took great delight in my request from last time to take some harsher punishment on the whipping bench – particularly when I said I didn’t mind being marked! Mistress Gabriella takes great pleasure in…